Monday, August 13, 2007

Status of my Suggested enhancements for OpenDocument V1.2:

Hi Thomas,

thanks for the question. Here is the status:

* introduce allowCollapse attribute for paragraphs following nested tables to encode WW and HTML-like tables.Not put up for discussion.
* declare sub tables as deprecatedUnder discussion in the Accessibility SC.
* introduce text:level-text attribute to encode arbitrary number formatsRejected.
* introduce text:num-follow-char to encode WW-like numberingPartly accepted.
* introduce text:list-override to encode WW-like numberingStrongly rejected.
* declare style:list-level-properties/@text:space-before as deprecated. Effect can be achieved with paragraph indent.Rejected.
Master-page styles
* add header-first and footer-first to encode WW-like page-stylesNot put up for discussion
* modify master-page styles such that WW-like sections can be encoded; current CSS3.0 like text:sections are not applicableNot put up for discussion
* declare the style:next-style-name attribute of master-page declarations as deprecated.Not put up for discussion
* allow deriving paragraph-family styles from text-family styles.Not put up for discussion
"Break chars"
* introduce a command and a command similar to the commandNot put up for discussion
* enhance field support by introducing a <text:field-start/> and a <text:field-end/> element to which metadata can be attached.Rejected
Change tracking:
* introduce change tracking for tablesNot put up for discussion
* introduce change tracking on property levelNot put up for discussion
Discourage the use of the following OD features for MOOX interop:
* nested frames Not put up for discussion / Internally communicated as rejected.
* current CSS3.0 like text:sectionsNot put up for discussion / Internally communicated as rejected.
* use fo:break-before instead of fo:break-afterNot put up for discussion / Internally communicated as rejected.
* use fo:margin-* for tablesNot put up for discussion / Internally communicated as rejected.

In general I must confess the OpenDocument TC didn't picked up my discsussion topics... (It's listed as suggested but never has been put for discussion into the agenda). Additionally I had a lot of private communiation where my ideas where communicated as unwanted/rejected.

To get an idea of whats discussed for ODF1.2 take a look at:

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