Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Finally we had a developer conference! The good thing is that it was real fun. The bad thing was that I learned and drank toooooo much....

There are some dicussions I'd love to share with you:

  • Bug handling. Had some interresting chats about bug handling, responsiveness etc. from a developers point of view. Especially from a filter developers point of view. My believe is that we need a better clustering of bugs into problematic areas. This definetly will help to manage espectations as well as quality.
  • Mail merge. Learned that mail merge is not only broken IMHO but also in the opinion of others. Good (or bad ?:-)). However great things will happen here.
  • UI. Very good ideas about how to change the UI. Thanks Ricardo that was a great session.
  • Interop brokeness. Discussed my ideas about how to change ODF and OOo for better interop. Always good to get your ideas “blessed” by the master himself. Thanks Caolan...
  • Some chats about what to do with http://www.go-oo.org and how to attract more developer. Wait until my VM will appear... ;-)

Beside from the above some interresting news regarding OOXML/ODF/ISO arose. The report from the ISO meeting in Oslo sounds very promising IMHO:

SC 34 envisages the creation of three distinct working groups that meet the needs of:
1. ISO/IEC 29500
2. ISO/IEC 26300
3. Work on interoperability/harmonization between document format standards
and wishes to incorporate existing expertise on these standards.

Only trouble here is that the ODF people do *not* seem to be happy about that --- but I have no idea why?

Overall it was a great week: