Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Finally we had a developer conference! The good thing is that it was real fun. The bad thing was that I learned and drank toooooo much....

There are some dicussions I'd love to share with you:

  • Bug handling. Had some interresting chats about bug handling, responsiveness etc. from a developers point of view. Especially from a filter developers point of view. My believe is that we need a better clustering of bugs into problematic areas. This definetly will help to manage espectations as well as quality.
  • Mail merge. Learned that mail merge is not only broken IMHO but also in the opinion of others. Good (or bad ?:-)). However great things will happen here.
  • UI. Very good ideas about how to change the UI. Thanks Ricardo that was a great session.
  • Interop brokeness. Discussed my ideas about how to change ODF and OOo for better interop. Always good to get your ideas “blessed” by the master himself. Thanks Caolan...
  • Some chats about what to do with http://www.go-oo.org and how to attract more developer. Wait until my VM will appear... ;-)

Beside from the above some interresting news regarding OOXML/ODF/ISO arose. The report from the ISO meeting in Oslo sounds very promising IMHO:

SC 34 envisages the creation of three distinct working groups that meet the needs of:
1. ISO/IEC 29500
2. ISO/IEC 26300
3. Work on interoperability/harmonization between document format standards
and wishes to incorporate existing expertise on these standards.

Only trouble here is that the ODF people do *not* seem to be happy about that --- but I have no idea why?

Overall it was a great week:



Jesper Lund Stocholm said...

Hi Florian,

Is the presentation about UI-improvements available somewhere?

"Årgangsøl" :o)

Florian Reuter said...

Hi Jesper,

not really. There seesions had more a birds-of-a-feather style...



brs und tvo said...

Hi Florian,

Brs hat sein Handy versenkt und somit keine Freunde mehr. Aber Du bist trotzdem am 09. August zur dicken Fete eingeladen! Melde Dich mal bei brs oder tvo!!!

Schöne Grüße aus dem einzig wahren Bundesland.