Thursday, November 23, 2006

Hi Mathias,

thanks so much for referring to my blog and commenting on my "ODF 1.2 suggestions".

Yes --- I really believe we can work together making OpenDocument as well as better.

Regarding “deprecation”. Deprecation does not mean removal or even making worse. Never intentend to say this. Sorry for the confusion. What I meant was e.g. in the case of “sub tables” that "deprecation" or "discourating" the use of "sub tables" just means helping e.g. blind people to better use OpenDocument and Subtable Accessibility Issue.

Of course the feature will stay, but I think we should offer the user an alternative way to achieve the same result and help --- not only accessibility --- but also interoperability.
Luckily OpenDocument has this feature already by using “row spans”.

I hope I could also clarify Michael Brauers concerns on the the OpenDocument TC mailing list with my response.

But I think we have the same idea here. Will never again use the word "deprecation" or "discourage" again. And I will not take away any feature. Promised!


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