Tuesday, November 14, 2006

So I started blogging. This is the first entry of my personal blog.

So there is a lot to clarify. But first let me provide some background to those who don’t know me.

I’ve done some work in the past on the .DOC, .RTF and WordML filters in OpenOffice.org. I also did some work on OpenDocument in the OpenDocument TC and the OpenDocument Metadata SC.

I also worked together with the OpenDocument Foundation on the ODF plug-in for Microsoft Office. The ODF plug-in for Microsoft Office is based on a library called OpenDocument Infoset API I was working on. Of course I’ll continue my voluntary work as a CTO of the OpenDocument Foundation and I’m eager to see how the Foundation’s work --- especially on the OpenDocument InfoSet API --- will continue. I’m happy to tell more about this in following blog entries if there is any interest.

What I discovered in all my work regarding the fileformats is that interoperability can be improved. In fact minor changes in the fileformats resp. implementing applications can improve interoperability significantly. And I hope I can prove this with my future work.

So what is this future work?

One very interesting area is OpenDocument Version 1.2. Currently the OpenDocument TC is working on the version 1.2 of OpenDocument which targets better interoperability. Very interesting and with great potential.

Another interesting area is OpenOffice.org. I really believe we can improve OpenOffice.org’s interoperability by implementing OpenDocument Version 1.2 in OpenOffice. This is a community effort for sure, so I hope I can attract people participating in this effort.

Maybe the next thing I should do is to have a little tutorial about how to contribute to the OpenOffice.org filters? Good idea?


Anonymous said...

A tutorial would be a very good idea. OOo is otherwise very difficult to contribute to even though it's open source.

Coconut Fiber said...
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