Monday, October 29, 2007

New target.

Many of you probaly know the “WONT FIX” target in the issue tracker.

What about introducing a new target: “HELPS MICROSOFT”.

But why do we need this? These days many people --- especially from the file formats camps --- are extremely sensitive of anything related to compatiblity 'cause they believe it helps Microsoft.

So lets give the ODF warriors an opportinity to clearly communicate with the users. Give them the “HELPS MICROSOFT” target to publicly exposing the issuer of the bug and the people working on it.


ericb said...

lol :)


Kohei Yoshida said...

Hey, that's a brilliant idea. I'm sure we can use that target for other areas, too, not just for the file format. :-)

GaryEdwards said...

Very funny Florian. But what will you do if someone like the lord of the garage gestapo sees this and takes it seriously? He's looking for ways of hunting down those running dogs who dare to fix ODF interop..., whoops, er, "HELP Microsoft".

There will be a lot of sorry assed people wondering why they can no longer get commit access to the OpenOffice source code, or get their much needed compatibility - interoperability enhancements through the OASIS ODF TC if the mighty one gets his hands on such a tool. Oh wait... it's impossible to get commit access or compatibility - interoperability enhancements through OASIS anyway.

These guys are way ahead of you Florian. Check on your garage.


Florian Reuter said...

Hey guys,

this is funny. You’re supposed to laugh. It’s an antic disposition:
How strange or odd soe'er I bear myself —
As I perchance hereafter shall think meet
To put an antic disposition on.

See it like this. Hamlet decides to take an “Antic Disposition” --- e.g. become crazy --- to deal with his whole situation. And sometimes it feels good to do so too. Especially after reading this:
* *

Hmm --- Gary --- I don’t have a garage. And be very careful using the word Gestapo --- will you?