Monday, October 15, 2007

Update on field work --- Early preview available for Linux.

In a previous post I talked about my field-proof-of-concept. I continued to work on the issue and I'm happy to give an update on that front.

You can download a preview version of my work here:

(Linux only. Just untar the archive tar xzf oodemo.tgz and then cd oodemo/program and start ./soffice). This is a preview version. Do not use it for productive work! The preview demo shows

  • the core enhancements (tabbing!), and

  • .DOC import.

The work for .DOC export, ODF import/export is not done and not included in the demo.

For testing you can download the sample file formc1new.doc which is taken from issue 79720. It should look like this:

Again --- this is work in progress. So do not expect everything to work. However if you have issues please let me know. And remember “saving does not work yet :-)”.

I really hope I get some feedback,


I will make the patch available ASAP. It is the result of some weekend hacking --- it really needs some polishing first.

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